Kel Portman

Kel Portman is a former Senior Lecturer in Photography, Printmaking & Digital media at The LCP (now the LCC, University of the Arts, London). As a Fulbright Exchange Professor he taught for a year in America.  He continues working in education with organisations in the UK, Europe and Asia. He has developed his own walking & landscape-based works, curating exhibitions & encouraging the work of others.
In 2005 Portman co-founded arts collective Walking the Land (WtL) who produce works, curate and organise exhibitions & events emanating from a shared interest in landscape & environment.
Portman's works are made before, during and after an interaction with the land and are often the result of a solitary or group journey, an observation, walk or event.
Multiple viewpoints and interwoven overlays replicate the dynamic sensations experienced during the ‘journey process’ with accompanying text defining aspects of the moment.
The resulting interpretations and images reflect transient moments and fragments of time; the glimpses of shape, colour, light and shadow seen when passing through the landscape. The works are rarely medium specific and are often made using several different media that could include Photography, Printmaking, Drawing, Digital Imaging or installation.

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