Tracey M Benson Landlinks

Dr Tracey M Benson is an Australian based interdisciplinary artist, academic and researcher. Her work focuses on issues related to belonging, place, wellbeing and pro-environmental behaviour change. Walking has been central to her creative practice exploring locative and augmented media tools to engage audiences to see their local places with fresh eyes. Her work has been extensively presented internationally in media arts festivals and exhibitions. With a passion for understanding different knowledge systems and engaging audiences, she often collaborates with Indigenous communities, historians, technologists and scientists. She lectures internationally and holds visiting adjunct positions at University of Canberra and the More than Human Lab at Victoria University, Wellington, NZ. She is listed as an expert with the Australian Academy of Science for her work on citizen engagement and behaviour change around energy and household sustainability. 

Her work for Groundwork Landlinks is a walk around Hyde Park in Sydney. It is an exploration of the local trees and paying attention to the details - their forms, their interactions with humans and their place as part of a busy urban environment.