Lydia Halcrow Landlinks

I often look down when I’m walking, I usually find myself thinking about and noticing textures and debris on walks. On the 22nd March walk I found I had to step off the pavement in the city and onto the road a lot to keep the ‘safe’ distance between my walking body and other walkers. In doing so I kept walking over various cans that had been squashed and ended up in the space directly between the edge of pavement and the start of the road. I found one can at a pause point soon after the trigger words 'compress. upsetting. doses’ coming up on my phone. So (with gloved hands) picked it up and then started to pick up others. Most were either tinned tomatoes (one of the panic buy items) or beer cans. The atmosphere of the walk was so strange given that it was the early days of lockdown that these flattened finds seemed to sum up so much about what was going on. So I collected them and in the studio have explored ways to make marks and imprints with them so there is a form of ‘ghost image’ left behind by the crushed object. Along side these I have been making a memory drawing over and over of the walking route of that day. It has taken on the quality of a strange dream mixed in with the strange anxiety dreams I’ve been having over the last two months (as many others have).