Richard Keating Landlinks

While we humans cautiously emerge from the pandemic, I am saddened to see that my ash-tree-walking-companions such as my old friends on Rodborough Common (/// and in Norton Wood, Nailsworth (///pampering.grouping.chop), have continued to suffer; no vaccine for them, just the chain saw.   

In the same way that we humans need trees for our survival, the trees also need our support. As we invent and develop new ways of living on the planet can we create and nurture new examples of kinship with trees?
‘I am Hyphae’ is part of a Walking the Land project in support of Nailsworth Town Council’s tree planting initiative.

Richard Keating PhD is co-founder and co-lead artist with Walking the Land, an independent researcher into social aesthetics, a community activist and sustainability facilitator with a working experience of woodland and landscape.