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Jane Claire Wilson is a contemporary artist who uses textile processes to create artwork inspired by time and place.

Jane has lived and worked in a range of countries and employs walking as a way to explore new places and then creates artwork in response to her findings. Having recently moved to North Yorkshire, Jane is creating work to help her find her place within her local community.

Jane is currently completing a Masters Degree in Creative Practice at Leeds Arts University, where she is researching ‘how creating a sense of place in a creative practice engages audiences and makers in social, political and global discussions’.

Jane is currently walking along a local river, the Cod Beck. She is walking many of the sections with local community members and artists in order to gather stories and memories of the river. Jane is creating textile sculptures to share the social and environmental interconnections between the river, the people it meets and the places it passes through.

This textile sculpture entitled ‘The walking may stop’ was created specifically for the GroundWorks project. It will then be part of a larger installation sharing the whole story of Cod Beck; engaging the audience in social issues including the physical and mental health benefits of walking by rivers and access to the countryside.

website: maccandtheart.co.uk
instragram: @janeclairewilson

Poem inspired by Words and prompts

The Weathervane Turns

Socially Isolated we walk apart

Counting the paces

Counting the minutes

3 bridges 2 stiles

Don’t touch the gate

Greetings are guarded

Eastley winds blow through gaps in the hedges

And the open spaces between us

The counting continues

The weathervane turns

The walking may stop

‘The walking may stop’
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