Caroline Morris Landlinks

I set out on my Landlinks walk along a section of the Thames & Severn Canal without a particular plan, which is unusual. Usually I trawl the histories of the place, look at maps, have certain ideas about a place before I walk it. However, I simply took my camera to document my scripted stops and an ordnance survey map. The visual documents of my walk and route are the material for some lock-down play with textures, marks, and patterns. The towpath makes for a very linear walk especially as I walked back on myself after the halfway point of the script, however there are signs to be found at every stopping point when given prompts.
I especially responded to ‘decay’ as a prompt word. I am drawn to the traces of the past in the landscape; the textures, erasures, imprints left by past events, and the abstractions and beauty you can find in decay. I would like my work to be a means of telling hidden topographic stories. Walking any landscape is a walk into human history (culture) as well as nature, whether we are attentive to its signs or not.

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