Blake Morris Landlinks

Danni Turbin Landlinks

In 2006 I walked away from theatre.

I was concerned about capitalism.

I was concerned about participation.

I was concerned about climate change.

I was concerned about sustainability.

I was concerned about spending my days locked in a dark room.

Walking was a way to enter the world.

As I walked I realised I wasn’t alone. Networks of walkers with concerns similar to mine were emerging. In Huntly and Helsinki, London and New York City, artists were walking, talking and thinking together. A medium was being developed. Since 2009 I have been dedicated to making art works that can only be experienced as a walk. No matter the content, the medium is constant: the walk is the work of art.

A walk of art is an invitation to move through the world with an artist’s design.

Landlinks was such an invitation. Counting paces as I walked at a distance with others. Stopping more often than I usually would. Linking words to places across a spectrum of landscapes. I am excited to see where it leads.

Dr Blake Morris is an artist and researcher based in New York City

Counting Paces and Seconds