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My artwork is entitled '
Walking Island (38.25312, 22.08559 / -38.250714,-157.914178)'.
Derived by a walking performance the final work is entirely conceptual and land art related. It blends and inspired by the local, the global and the dynamic glocal experience. It has a series of outputs (digital images/maps, poetry and video-based documentation) further visualised through Google Earth. The poetic phrase is:
we are all walkers into the local / we are all dreamers into the global , which then extends to something else.

More specifically, it is a virtual intervention of planting a new island based on the distance traversed exactly at the opposite side of the world (i.e. antipodes website). Therefore, the town I walked with you was Aigio (Greece) so the other side of the world is deep blue sea of Pacific Ocean somewhere NorthEast of New Zealand. It was the perfect location to digitally intervene with a small cutting masked island there! The new island is imaginary but also real: a piece of Greek land planted into the Pacific Ocean. Produced by local experience but located into the global; having geographical imagination as its main core. 

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View  Walking Island - Bill Psarras (2020) from Bill Psarras on Vimeo.