Jane Ponsford

Jane Ponsford is an artist and papermaker based in London and South East England. She works using repetitive processes, constructing sculptural forms made up of hundreds of near identical fragments to make bookworks, sculpture and installations.
Her current preoccupation is with materiality and process in response to place. She is interested in working with the materials of particular settings and landscapes, the chalk and clay and silt and the traces that they leave. Working in response to specific places has become increasingly important to her; all her work; whether employing papermaking or not, involves getting traces from particular spaces or landscapes. These traces have included in previous projects, earth, volcanic ash deposits, water from the Medway, impressions and castings, photographs and stories. While craft processes are integral to the development of her work and inform the final outcome, the starting point of the work is often based on collections of dust and materials connected with specific locations.’