September 2020

Ground Works will be welcoming a host of national and international artists, writers and poets whose inspiration and concern is for our landscape and environment. The series of exhibitions and events aim to observe and view our collective response to our changing landscapes, how we react to our exterior spaces and the impact of change to our environment. Through engagement with various art media, practises and approaches, we wish to encourage discussion and observation between artists and the public.

COVID-19 update

It’s with a lot of sadness and considerable disappointment that we’ve decided to postpone our planned Ground Works exhibitions and events during May, 2020.
As you’ll have guessed, this is in response to recommendations around curtailing the spread of COVID-19. 
Once the restrictions have been lifted, we intend to bring Ground Works and Landlinks to Nailsworth and other venues in Stroud. Although we’ve decided to postpone our exhibition and projects for the rest of this year, we’re currently in negotiation with suitable venues for our events in March 2021.
Our planned Landlinks, synchronised walk event went ahead on Sunday 22nd March. The walk itself attracted artist/contributors from Europe, America and Australia and is the basis of the Landlinks exhibition. There are further details about the walk and the background ethos that underpins it on our Landlinks pages.
Following the obvious uncertainty about the future of the project, we’ve now started to add gallery pages to our website that will enable viewers to explore a digital exhibition of some of the work produced.  

Please keep checking our site for updates in this rapidly evolving scenario.

The artists and organisers wish you all a safe passage through this worrying period

You can download our Landlinks project brief for artists here •

We’re delighted to share news of our colleague Neville Gabie who announces the screening of some recent work as part of a programme of artist films being shown by The Danielle Arnaud Gallery

Neville Gabie | Experiments in Black and White XXX | 11th – 17th May 2020

Neville Gabie’s film begins with a story, or a fragment of a story, its words appearing on a white screen disrupted by a pair of empty black shoes. We are told of a child who liked to climb trees in search of mangoes, whose movement is now restricted: ‘soon I could no longer lift my foot.’ The story comes from Mrs Begum, a woman Gabie visited several times as part of a research project, learning about her debilitating experience of Motor Neurone disease, wheelchair bound and limited in her movements.
The work sees Gabie, suit-clad, step into the empty shoes, nailed to the floor. He creates a drawing, maximising the reach of his body’s span without moving from the shoes. He lies down when needs be, protracting the energy of his drawing, the energy of his body, as far as it will go. The work is a play in restriction. Gabie imposes limits on his range of movement, marking where his body can go with his pen, constraining his body as a reminder of the inches and metres between the range of bodies’ movements; how not all bodies can operate without effort, without assistance. Made during lockdown, the work is overlaid by a soundscape; field recordings of bird song combined with a recording of an MRI machine in operation. The rhythm of Gabie’s drawing, the pattern of its editing – flexing time – aligns with the MRI’s mechanical drone and clunk. We are reminded of the unseen hum of the NHS at this time, the birds that have become louder as planes vanish; the soundtrack to our confinement – rooted to the spot, mapping out the time of our limitation.
View Experiments in Black and White XXX  2020  duration: 7 mins 9 secs

More News
We’re pleased to see that our artist/colleagues Kim Norton, has been chosen as ‘Artist of the Month’ at art.earth
Read her interview here:

art.earth celebrates and supports artists who look outward and is seen as a space for thought, for making, for collaboration and for conversation.